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Managed Services

We’ve migrated and automated thousands of workloads and have unparalleled experience with AWS architectures, deployments, optimizations and of course, DevOps.

Imagine your team had DevSecOps experts available 24/7, continuously improving your environments, monitoring performance, responding to alerts, and protecting your data.

Combining our years of expertise architecting and operating AWS environments, and its ecosystem of tools, we have created three service levels to provide complete expert coverage thus reducing your risk and increasing performance across all your environments for a fraction of the cost of DIY.

We are a top tier AWS Premier Consulting Partner. We’ve migrated and automated thousands of workloads and have unparalleled experience with AWS architectures, deployments, optimizations and of course, DevOps.

With a fresh perspective, born in the cloud, we natively understand what is takes to run complex workloads in an environment with vast scale, high availability, fault tolerance, and multiple times more tools and options.

Our deep knowledge of our customers environments coupled with intense monitoring practices and tools allow us to be proactive and respond quicker being a valuable part of our customers’ operational and development teams.

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Cost Optimization

By combining our customers’ knowledge of their applications with our knowledge of AWS services, we’re able to optimize performance and keep costs down.

– –> Learn more about Cost Optimization

DevOps Enablement

We like to think of DevOps as a paradigm that allows businesses to integrate their organization around the core agile principles of collaboration, iterative improvements and feedback loops.

– –> Learn more about DevOps Enablement


Our DevSecOps premium service is designed to help our clients run multiple critical workloads on the Cloud to meet uptime, high availability, performance and scalability requirements.

– –> Learn more about DevSecOps

As Canada's leading AWS Consulting Partner, we are expanding our footprint from coast to coast and beyond.

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