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Migrating a HIPAA-compliant Disaster Recovery Environment to AWS.

Since its introduction into the long-term post-acute care market in 2000, PointClickCare, a leading cloud-based software platform for the senior care market, now has over 10,000 senior care organizations using its software every day, enabling a more coordinated and collaborative approach to care across the senior care continuum.

PointClickCare operated a complex multi-tenant system for its customers, with both production and disaster recovery (DR) systems in private data centres. Their existing setup meant that in the case of a disaster full recovery of all subsystems could take up to three days. Recognizing the ability to decrease both Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO), PointClickCare decided the time was right to shift its DR to the cloud.


  • Decrease Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
  • Improve robustness of application deployment and configuration management


  • AWS Cloud Platform
  • TriNimbus DevOps on AWS
  • DR in AWS
  • Automation for infrastructure provisioning, application deployment, and configuration management


  • Significantly improved RTO and RPO
  • Fully automated infrastructure provisioning
  • Robust continuous delivery pipeline
  • HIPAA compliance met
  • Infrastructure ready for migration of the production system to AWS

From on-prem to the Cloud

According to David Spencer, Senior Director, Service Infrastructure, SAAS Operations at PointClickCare, the decision to choose Amazon Web Services (AWS) wasn’t difficult.

“We knew this wasn’t going to be a lift and shift from on prem to in cloud, and we needed a breadth of services with a focus on security and deployment, which is why we chose AWS. We also looked at Azure, but the maturity of services was just not there,” Spencer says.


A number of challenges needed to be addressed during the migration, including maintaining HIPAA compliance, MS Active Directory and DNS re-architecture, setup of a large highly-available CIFS data storage, replication of large amount of SQL and file-based data, complex networking, and development of a new CI/CD pipeline to deliver the application. To address these challenges PointClickCare engaged with TriNimbus, which the company had worked with on a previous big data analytics engagement.

“We were so impressed with the people they brought to bear,” Spencer says. “Every person at TriNimbus not only had the right skill level, but they could see our vision, and find unique solutions to get around roadblocks on our way to achieve that vision.”

Meeting compliance requirements and achieving results with AWS

“We’re a compliance-based industry, and we needed to make sure that we met HIPAA requirements. AWS was able to address these needs,” Spencer says. These capabilities include dedicated hosts, secure networking, VPN and VPC peering, secure and encrypted S3 storage, server-side EBS volume encryption, SSL load balancing, HSM-backed key management service, and private managed DNS, among others.

To learn more about the solution that was designed for PointClickCare to reduce their RTO and RPO targets dramatically thereby allowing them to transfer the benefits back to their customers, while staying compliant and within their CAPEX budgets, please download the full case study below.

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