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Working with our clients, we are able to help them realize their goals for running custom applications built in .NET on AWS Lambda and AWS Elastic Beanstalk respectively.

We see DevOps as a paradigm that allows businesses to integrate their organization around the core agile principles of collaboration, iterative improvements and feedback loops.

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Subject: TriNimbus Co-Founder and CEO Jarrod Levitan

We are a team of DevOps Engineers and Solution Architects who specialize in using Cloud Solutions to help customers transform their businesses. At TriNimbus, we bring years of experience to lead you through the challenges of productization and love working with customers to continually improve their products and operational processes by adopting the principles of DevOps, reaping the benefits of continuous delivery and reducing the cost associated with such a change. We are recognized by AWS as leading DevOps partners continuing to deploy and operate many of our clients’ complex enterprise applications on AWS.

If you have achieved a complete control of the full operations and taken advantage of cloud concepts like self-healing, auto-scaling, etc., the next leap is to aim for zero downtime delivery to your services. It is moot to even consider this without automation, but automation alone is not enough to achieve this level of true continuous operations. We know first-hand how difficult this can be and the impact it can have on an organization. Every aspect of a company, from product planning and development, to testing, deployment and operations must embrace a disciplined approach to how changes are delivered to the production environment and practice this change constantly.

Having the tools that make that process go smoother, enables you to validate changes faster and recover from failures quicker. Additionally, learning how to improve is a big part of the solution and we’ve been able to bring solutions to customers to help them move towards this goal. But because the biggest change is internal, having a trusted partner to lead you through the process and share all of their knowledge to help you deal with challenges is empowering.

We get a real kick when we see our customers make steps towards this goal and get excited about successfully applying changes instead of fearing them.

Holding the DevOps Competency from AWS highlights our deep capabilities and demonstrated performance in helping customers transform their business to be more efficient and agile particularly around continuous integration, continuous delivery, and configuration management.

Jarrod Levitan

Chief Cloud Officer

If you want to utilize our DevOps solutions and services, chat with one of our Solutions Architects at 1.888.673.5873 or contact us, today.

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