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Big Data

Big data is at the heart of every application,
every system and every modern business.

We understand the challenges that come with migrating big data, and know how to tackle them with positive business outcomes for our customers.

Ensuring this data is secure, accessible, and available without latency is becoming increasingly important to companies, which is why so many are opting to move their big data to the cloud.

A core competency for us, TriNimbus has migrated hundreds of databases and petabytes of data over to AWS for our clients. We understand the challenges that come with migrating big data, including infrastructure provisioning, cluster management, performance, configuration management, and data durability, and know how to tackle them with positive business outcomes for our customers.

Our team is highly experienced in architecting solutions around data workflows, recommending the right products and services to make our clients’ data both meaningful and manageable, while keeping the required availability and security in place.

A Big Data Competency Partner with AWS, we are well versed in helping clients navigate services such as Amazon RDS, Amazon Elastic MapReduce, Amazon Data Pipeline, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon Redshift as well as Hadoop and other SQL or NoSQL databases. We also implement third party tools for deploying and managing solutions, and automate the deployments and implement DevOps processes for ongoing management.

Our expertise also extends to working with AWS database services:

  • Amazon RDS –  the relational database service can include Aurora, SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL
  • Amazon DynamoDB – a fast, highly scalable NoSQL database service
  • Amazon Redshift – a fast, powerful, fully managed petabyte scale data warehouse service
  • Amazon ElastiCache – in memory caching service
  • Amazon EMR – managed Hadoop cluster service
  • Amazon Kinesis – data ingestion service
Whether the goal is to implement data lakes and warehouses and build data pipelines to bring all data under centralized control for reporting and analytics, or to implement an ingestion mechanism to process streams of data for real-time insights, TriNimbus has the experience and expertise to make it happen. We are experts in unstructured data batch processing,
streaming data processing, query & analytics, and BI & reporting, which means that anything you need to do with big data, we can handle.
Holding the Big Data competency from AWS means you can feel confident in our expertise around data engineering using the various AWS services.
Jarrod Levitan

Chief Cloud Officer

If you’re ready to talk about how to handle your big data, we’d love to hear from you.

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