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TriNimbus has a unique depth of knowledge and real-world experience with transformative technologies.

Technologies that enable our customers to achieve the business outcomes they’re looking for when moving to the cloud.

Big Data

Ensuring this data is secure, accessible, and available without latency is becoming increasingly important to companies, which is why so many are opting to move their big data to the cloud.

– –> Big Data


Keeping data safe and secure, while still accessible, is a prime concern for every organization. For those needing higher levels of security, such as maintaining HIPAA compliance, the requirements can seem overwhelming, and the risks great.

– –> Security


Containers are all about control. They allow users to applications deploy quickly, easily and reliably regardless of the deployment environment.

– –> Containers


There’s a lot of talk about the migration journey, but sometimes the journey to migration is overlooked. A migration to the cloud is not a simple lift and shift effort. It requires a detailed and extensive strategic roadmap that clearly outlines what to do and when to do it, and often takes longer to plan than to complete.

– –> Migration

Public Sector

Public sector organizations, including municipal, provincial and federal governments, face unique challenges as they must tackle complex issues with limited resources and strict compliance regulations.

– –> Public Sector

Microsoft Workloads

Transitioning a Microsoft infrastructure, including Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, Customer .NET applications, SQL Server, or Sharepoint servers to AWS can be a daunting endeavour. It requires a nuanced expertise to successfully make the transition while simultaneously achieving desired business outcomes. TriNimbus has this expertise.

– –> Microsoft Workloads


We are a team of DevOps Engineers and Solution architects who specialize in using Cloud Solutions to help customers transform their businesses.

– –> DevOps

Infrastructure as Code

The cloud is infrastructure as code. That means you can instantly launch an entire environment including networking, instances and storage from scratch, and processes traditionally performed by groups of people can suddenly become highly automated.

– –> Infrastructure as Code


Our expertise in software engineering enables us to help architect and deploy a serverless solution, making recommendations on how to account for data ingestion, databases and API gateways.

– –> Serverless

If you’re just thinking about starting your journey to the cloud, or if you’re already on the path, but could use some help, we’d love to hear from you.

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As Canada's leading AWS Consulting Partner, we are expanding our footprint from coast to coast and beyond.

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