What happens in Vegas… ends up on the Cloud. - TriNimbus

What happens in Vegas… ends up on the Cloud.

I am seriously excited about re:Invent this year. It’s not just about the re:Play party although that is a contributing factor. I have had a lot of great experiences, met many interesting people, learned a ton and left every re:Invent feeling very positive and inspired about our future.

The Amazon Web Services re:Invent conference will influence careers, corporate and technology strategies and a massive array of businesses around the globe. It is truly a global event with many countries represented and many business verticals from start-ups to global enterprises representing the private and public sectors.

We are at the beginnings of the 4th Industrial revolution. Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum points out, “… the speed of current breakthroughs has no historical precedent…”. AWS finds itself at the core of this revolution.

AWS has seemingly mastered the art of rapid innovation creating a massive global platform with 70+ services that has seen over 2300 new services and features added in its 10-year history. It is a big contributor to the emergence and growth of the API economy  / the platform economy and this year will no doubt usher in numerous platform innovations that governments and businesses around the world will start or continue their digital transformations building the platforms of tomorrow on the Cloud.

Vegas is definitely an interesting place and re:Invent is a big conference squeezed into a hotel and conference complex barely large enough to contain it, so plan your trip with some precision. Like you were going to Disney with your kids. Chris Bunch has some helpful info in his post re:Invent – A serious business trip. In Las Vegas. There are some new features like seat reservation for sessions you should check out. This is a serious trip indeed. Though, I am not sure my wife has been a believer, so she is joining me this year.

If you can’t make it to re:Invent this year I encourage you to check out the DevOps Cloud Summit in Toronto being held on November 4th and our AWS meetups. We host regular meetups in 7 cities across Canada. With the new AWS Region in Montreal coming soon, there is a lot of excitement building. Also, AWS has a basecamp in Toronto. They are rapidly growing their team and are hosting a number of events throughout the year so there is plenty of opportunities to engage and learn.