TriNimbus Takes a Bite Out of the Cloud with JustEat and Globe and Mail Executives - TriNimbus

TriNimbus Takes a Bite Out of the Cloud with JustEat and Globe and Mail Executives

TriNimbus, Canada’s only Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner, today announced that Byron Packwood has joined the company as its Vice President of Technology Operations and Andrea Kolber has joined as Vice President of Marketing. Packwood previously played an instrumental role in managing JustEat’s global cloud-based restaurant delivery service which at the time supported 56,000 restaurants and more than 11-million users via Amazon Web Services. Kolber is an award-winning media strategist – a veteran in the industry, with 16 years of experience working with top companies like AOL, Sympatico, MSN, Transcontinental Publishing and most recently The Globe and Mail.

“Byron brings incredible front-line experience with AWS that our clients can now harness for their own migration, deployments and future developments,” said Jarrod Levitan, Chief Cloud Officer at TriNimbus. “He understands how to help our clients create an IT environment that will scale quickly along with the internal processes needed to ensure business success.”

“Andrea has a proven track record of crafting great brand stories which resonate with technical audiences,” said Levitan. “She brings an innate understanding of how to create a unique brand voice that will help TriNimbus solidify its position as a thought leader in the Cloud space.”

TriNimbus helps its global clients move from hardware management and cost-mitigation strategies to agile cloud-based deployments offering security and scale using Amazon Web Services. The team of experienced software engineers works with front-running technology, financial services and public sector organizations including Shaw Communications, Vancouver Airport Authority and BC Hydro. Packwood will play a critical role in helping TriNimbus to scale the operations and business of the organization and support this rapidly growing field.

Kolber will head Marketing for TriNimbus and is responsible for developing and implementing a cohesive marketing strategy with a plan to increase brand awareness and lead generation.

“The cloud has moved well beyond early-adoption and has proven to be a significant competitive advantage for companies able to reap the benefits of the business agility it can enable if leveraged well.” said Packwood. “Companies need to develop strategies and initiatives that will enable them to adopt and succeed at pace and scale in the cloud – and exceed the expectations of their customers both now and in the future. The cloud is here, and it’s up to the organizations to determine if they want to survive this digital transformation.”

“I’m thrilled to join TriNimbus, one of the fastest growing companies in Canada that made the 2017 STARTUP 50 list,” said Kolber. “My goal is to build on this success with high impact marketing strategies that will increase brand awareness and drive up the customer base.”

Packwood and Kolber are currently building their teams at TriNimbus. The company expects to grow to well over 100 employees across its Vancouver, Toronto and Macedonia offices by Spring 2018. Roles include: Cloud Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineers, and Business Development Managers.