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TriNimbus at AWS Summit New York City 2014

Yesterday morning, July 10, the TriNimbus sales team descended upon New York City for the latest stop on Amazon’s annual AWS Summit tour. The AWS Summits allow for prospective and current AWS users, technology providers as well as integrators to participate in hands-on labs, technical and networking sessions at more than 15 locations around the world. The AWS Summit was a great opportunity for our team to connect with sales and technical resources at Amazon corporate along with companies interested in migrating to, optimizing, managing and supporting their AWS footprint.

Hosted at the newly renovated Javits Convention Center, this year’s Summit in New York featured a keynote by Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon Web Services. Werner’s talk centered around AWS agility; the ability to experiment continuously, measure relentlessly and learn. The session provided some very exciting additions, enhancements and announcements for the AWS platform:

  • Logs for Cloudwatch
    • Leveraging Kinesis on the backend, up to 5GB free/month
  • New low-cost T2 Instance Types
    • Featuring “burst” pricing
  • SSD Backed EBS Instances are now standard
    • Provide consistent performance
  • RedShift is officially the fastest growing AWS product to date
    • 60 new features added since the official launch last year, driven by user feedback
  • Amazon Zocalo
    • Amazon’s foray into SaaS, providing document sharing and storage for the enterprise.
    • Integration with Active Directory
    • FREE for Amazon Workspace customers
  • New Amazon Mobile services that allow customers to focus on what they do best:
    • Amazon Cognito
      • Simplifies authentication, storage, management and the synchronization of data across multiple devices, platforms, and applications. Cognito works online or offline, and allows customers to securely save user-specific data such as application preferences and game state. Cognito works with multiple existing identity providers and also supports unauthenticated guest users.
    • Amazon Mobile Analytics
      • Help customers collect, visualize, and understand app usage, engagement, and revenue at scale.
    • Improved Amazon Mobile SDK
      • Provides access to services specifically designed for building mobile apps, mobile-optimized connectors to popular AWS data streaming, storage and database services, and access to a full array of other AWS services. This SDK also includes a common authentication mechanism that works across all of the AWS services, client-side data caching, and intelligent conflict resolution. The SDK can be used to build apps for devices that run iOS, Android, and Fire OS.
Werner Vogels also introduced business leaders from Siemens, Conde Nast, Novartis and FINRA, who detailed how and why they use Amazon Web Services. Agility was a common theme throughout the conversations, but there were some particularly astonishing accomplishments:
Conde Nast
  • AWS helped a 100-year old company move from print to digital.
  • 40% reduction in price, 30-40% performance increase.
  • Legacy data center in Delaware is now for sale
  • 39 years of pharmacological data on legacy systems was analysed the new AWS platform in under 9 hours.
Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics
  • Security and Scalability requirements made Amazon an easy choice
  • Price reductions by AWS have allowed for continuous expansion of AWS footprint.
  • Leverages AWS to analyse over 30 billion market events everyday to run surveillance on trading anomalies
Amazon also posts ALL of its sessions online within the Amazon Web Services Cloud YouTube Channel, in addition, any slide decks can also be found at the AWS SlideShare site.
If you have any questions about any of the announcements made today, as well as the existing feature offering at Amazon Web Services, our team would be happy to help. You can contact me at the co-ordinates below. I look forward to continued success with the Amazon Web Services team and look forward to the next big event our team will be attending, AWS re:Invent 2014. In the meantime I have some proposals to update 🙂
Until next time!