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Proof Canadians Want a Local AWS Data Centre

Our passion for the cloud keeps us in a constant state of curiosity. We always try to learn and advance, and as we’ve grown our business one of the primary things we’ve noticed is that adoption in Canada for AWS is not accelerating as fast as it should. It’s the most advanced platform yet it still isn’t adopted by a portion of the market pleading for its solutions.  There are various reasons for this which we’ve spoken about in previous posts, see 10 Reasons Why Amazon Web Services Should Build a Data Centre in Canada or 6 Ideas Using AWS to Beat Data Regulatory and Privacy Concerns. Putting what we think those reasons are aside, and to increase awareness over at Amazon, we decided to survey the Canadian marketplace and identify what the likelihood of AWS adoption would be if they were to build a data centre in Canada. We surveyed CIOs, CTOs, and other software and IT industry leaders across Canada. The results were convincing and we’d like to share them with you.

138 people responded to the Survey. Over 50% of those said they were already AWS users. When we excluded those users, 94% said they would consider switching over if Amazon Web Services had a data centre in Canada. The motivation for Amazon is clear, a data centre would bring in new business.

When current AWS users were asked if they would move their current AWS environment to a AWS region in Canada, 78% stated “very likely” or “completely likely”. Canadians prefer to have their data in Canada.

This sentiment was emphasised by the following result, where we asked the motivation behind their willingness to move or use a centre in Canada. The results of the top two responses were “privacy concerns” and “simply just want their data in Canada.”

We then asked which workloads would you run in a Canadian region. As expected, because of the broad use of the cloud there was a varied response. The results showed that web based applications, followed by storage and backup, are the two biggest uses for the cloud by Canadians today.

Please, check out the survey and make a submission yourself. Take the Survey

The case for a region in Canada is becoming ever more compelling and every submission strengthens the knock on AWS’ door for users in Canada.

Come on AWS, let your next region be Canada!