Our Holiday Gift of Giving - TriNimbus

Our Holiday Gift of Giving

A simple decision changed someone’s life forever. We want to share this story and hope you will make the same decision in your business.

Every year around the holidays, it’s time to reflect on the year gone by – celebrate victories, learn from our mistakes and also maybe (err… make that most likely) eat lots of holiday treats! It’s also that time of the year when we put presents under the tree and gift the people who have brought us cheer.

When we first started talking about what we should gift our customers this year, we went through the traditional list of cool electronic gadgets and delicious gift baskets. No matter what we thought of though, it just didn’t capture the Holiday spirit that we wanted to convey to our incredible clients. Who needs another gimmicky widget right? However, just like all truly wonderful ideas (yes, we’d like to think our ideas are truly wonderful!), this one kind of crept up on us when we weren’t expecting it.

TriNimbus has always been BIG on knowledge and learning. We encourage and celebrate it through various initiatives both externally (through our AWS User Group Meetups in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Waterloo) and internally (through our Lunch and Learns and technical deep dive sessions). Therefore, it seemed right if we could in some way make our customers gifts about learning. And given the true spirit of this wonderful season, we also decided to make it about giving.

Our holiday gift for our customers finally came to us in the form of Akera Scovia, a 20 year old student in Uganda, who has lived a life of extreme hardship as a child. Her dream is to become a Medical Laboratory Technologist so that she can make a positive difference in her community. This dream was almost put on hold as the institution would not let her sit for her exams because of unpaid school fees.

As a result of our pledge to use our holiday gift budget to sponsor her through One Girl Can, a Vancouver based charity that funds scholarships for girls in Africa, we are happy to report that Akera was permitted to sit for her exams and is elated to know that she can continue her education.

We feel incredibly humbled and lucky that we were able to play a small role in Akera’s story and are very excited for the future holds for her!