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Amazon Web Services Lowers Prices For 40th Time

Amazon Web Services has announced another price reduction effective since February 1st. All Amazon S3 standard storage and Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) customers will experience a significant price drop.

Amazon has also lowered the pricing of the EBS Standard Volume by 50% for both storage and I/O requests. The price for the US East region for Standard volumes after the lowering is now now $0.05 per GB-month of provisioned storage and $0.05 per 1 million I/O requests.

Why Has AWS Reduced Prices?

AWS strategy is clarified best by the simple question, “Which customer doesn’t like to pay less for the same thing?” AWS, thanks to their brilliantly crafted solutions and continued innovation, continue to pass their savings onto their customers. Fortunately for the consumer, the final outcome is a thoroughly optimized service that conitinues to be cost-efficient and up-to-date with the wants and needs of the user.

Apart from the cost efficiency, the highly competitive pricing gives AWS an added edge over its competitors in terms of pricing and value for money. Competitors are going to find it increasingly challenging in an environment where prices are going in the opposite direction, especially amongst the traditional players. With a growing number of ardent and loyal customers, AWS prove their disruption is working, and they are ahead of the game with offering the best services in the market.

How Will The Price Reduction Affect An AWS Customer?

You don’t need to do anything the new price will appear on your bill effective February 1. A pleasant and welcoming surprise for the loyal customers, the price-cut for the 40th time definitely indicates Amazon’s motive as being the most affordable and reliable web service in the market. It also indicates the proficiency with which AWS is refining and re-refining its services to heighten customer satisfaction in terms of cost-effective ergonomics and economics.

The price cut also allows customers to expand their own cloud storage without any monetary hassle or roadblock while getting top-of-the-line storage solutions and services for their businesses.