“Data security is the most important consideration for our company. And for our customers.”

Keeping data safe and secure is a prime concern for any organization. While AWS provides intense security coverage, it is done with understanding that security is a shared responsibility. However, organizations often don’t have the requisite level of expertise in protocol and process to ensure their information on the cloud is appropriately protected. Add in higher levels of security, such as maintaining HIPAA compliance and the tasks can often become overwhelming for even sophisticated organizations.

TriNimbus are Specialists in mobilizing AWS and its Ecosystem of security features.

No matter what level of security you require, TriNimbus has the expertise to design and architect customized security processes for your organization. We have developed leading edge solutions for auditing, analysis and architecture that minimize risk and ensures that your deployment is secure, automated and cost-effective. We can also guide you on the specific tools you can use to optimize cloud security for your individual needs:

  • We analyze your environment and applications, understand your requirements and create customized secure architecture appropriate for your scale and budget
  • We help you with implementing critical AWS security services such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), HSM, CloudTrail and many other AWS services
  • We work with best of breed tools in the AWS ecosystem to ensure data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • We offer an in-depth analysis and understanding of the applications and workloads required to run alongside existing company policies and we design according to your customized requirements
YVR Airport Authority

"We chose Amazon Web Services (AWS) to meet the critically high availability and security requirements for our migration. Along with their ability to support the system 24/7, TriNimbus' attention to detail and knowledge of our technology stack and security requirements were critical to making our project a success"

Brian Kain, Manager, Innovative Travel Solutions

Case Study: Vancouver Airport Authority

Read how the number one airport in North America, which welcomed over 19 million people in 2014, turned to TriNimbus to solve their critical scalability and security requirements.

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