“Our customers are suffering because our system is slow.”

Downtime. Missing data. Slow loading pages. All of these issues have a direct impact on your end users and your bottom-line. The larger your operations, the more downtime hurts. Calculate the financial impact and it becomes an overwhelming issue for your brand and business.

Let’s unlock the secrets to your system’s performance.

The cloud is software. As one of the only AWS Consultancies heavily staffed with software engineers, we have the expertise to dig deep into your application architecture, understand your users’ and system requirements and usage patterns and propose specific architectures that can improve your performance and scalability. We’ll even go in and review code and recommend rewrites to improve performance or take advantage of various AWS services.

Balancing cost and performance is key to success on AWS. We help companies like yours by:

  • Running specialized load and performance testing to understand how the system behaves under different circumstances
  • Using AWS tools like auto-scaling to take advantage of load increases and decreases and ensure consistent performance, while balancing cost
  • We employ a number of monitoring tools to get better visibility into the performance of the environment, application and database. This enables us to spot and resolve performance issues
  • We recommend and use tools built for the cloud, for both environment and application monitoring. Please see our Partner Page for recommended tools.
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"The utility computing model of AWS and the cloud are the perfect fit for this workload. We leant heavily on TriNimbus expertise to take advantage of the AWS platform and we were very pleased with the results."

Lucas Malesku, IT Architect for BC Hydro

Case Study: BC Hydro

Read why one of the largest electric utilities in Canada turned to TriNimbus to help them take advantage of the AWS platform.

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