“We want the best of both the cloud and our own data centre.”

You’re looking to take advantage of the cloud but need to take one step at a time. Through Hybrid environments you can extend your data centre into the the cloud, and run the workloads that make sense for your situation.

How can TriNimbus help?

Integrating two environments can be a daunting, complex task. While the nature of AWS allows any organization to immediately start a cloud-based infrastructure, opting into cloud services can seem overwhelming at first and why a partner like TriNimbus is there to help you on that journey.

Blend your worlds together with a hybrid solution.

We’ve helped companies like Shomi successfully use both their data centre and AWS using a hybrid cloud approach. For organizations that need to run concurrent systems, or prefer phasing implementation, a hybrid solution can expand your existing environment by bridging the systems you already have with the cloud.

  • We create the most efficient secure network ensuring you have the appropriate connectivity between AWS and your data centre and users
  • We help extend your storage capacity so it can scale as your business demands
  • We help select the most appropriate applications and carefully migrate workloads to AWS without the risk of trying to forklift your entire infrastructure overnight
  • Our software development background gives us the expertise to have full command over how your applications run on AWS and understand the tools needed to coordinate, monitor and scale applications across distributed systems.
STEMCELL Technologies

"We've been very impressed with the level of expertise that we've been able to find in TriNimbus. They were able to understand our business model and come up with affordable solutions."

Joe Kugler, IT Director, STEMCELL Technologies

Case Study: STEMCELL Technologies

Read why this leading life sciences company turned to TriNimbus to develop AWS solutions to deliver over 1,500 different products to more than 70 countries around the globe.

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