“We need to find a better way to manage our ever increasing mountains of data.”

It’s no secret the amount of data being created and collected is accelerating significantly. Making this ever-growing data useful can become a challenge for companies using traditional analytical tools. For mission-critical applications on a more traditional infrastructure, system designers have no choice but to over-provision costly equipment because a surge in additional compute requirements due to an increase in business, must be something the system can handle.

With the cloud data-storage can be scaled as you need it.

The cloud based ecosystem of solutions are specifically designed to handle data flux and provide insight into ways your business can collect and analyze it. Companies can automatically provision more capacity in a matter of minutes, meaning that your Big Data applications grow and shrink as demand dictates. And you only pay for what you use. Moreover:

  • The characteristic of Big Data workloads is ideally suited to the pay-as-you-go cloud computing model, where applications can easily scale up and down based on demand
  • Easily re-size your environment (horizontally or vertically) to meet your needs without having to wait for additional hardware, or being required to over-invest to provision enough capacity

RESULT:  Your system runs as close to optimal efficiency as possible.

STEMCELL Technologies

"We've been very impressed with the level of expertise that we've been able to find in TriNimbus. They were able to understand our business model and come up with affordable solutions."

Joe Kugler, IT Director, STEMCELL Technologies

Case Study: STEMCELL Technologies

Read why this leading life sciences company turned to TriNimbus to develop AWS solutions to deliver over 1,500 different products to more than 70 countries around the globe.

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