“We need our data to remain in Canada.”

For many companies, the rules and regulations governing storing the personal data of Canadian citizens and organizations are somewhat unclear and confusing. It can be difficult for organizations wishing to adopt the Cloud to know what rules are even applicable, let alone understand what they need to do to meet them. In many cases, organizations are missing out on the overwhelming benefits of the cloud by ruling it out entirely, where there are many workloads that are perfectly suited with no data residency requirements.

TriNimbus can help navigate data residency concerns and identify data or workloads free of those requirements.

Not all data is created equal. In Canada, only public sector based organisations located in Newfoundland and British Columbia (BC) are required by law to store identifiable personal data in Canada, for everyone else there are no legal requirements.  The need to store data in Canada is more of a sentiment than a factual legal requirement.

All other non-personal data is perfectly suitable to be stored on the cloud. Same goes for data that is obtained with consent.

How can TriNimbus help?

  • Knowing which of your data can be moved to the cloud, and which needs to stay in Canada is just one of the many ways TriNimbus can guide you in choosing the best solution for your specific needs
  • Being able to design your environment to take advantage of AWS while storing your PII in Canada
  • Assisting with implementing anonymising or masking data sets to ensure the PPI data remains where it needs to
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"The utility computing model of AWS and the cloud are the perfect fit for this workload. We leant heavily on TriNimbus expertise to take advantage of the AWS platform and we were very pleased with the results."

Lucas Malesku, IT Architect for BC Hydro

Case Study: BC Hydro

Read why one of the largest electric utilities in Canada turned to TriNimbus to help them take advantage of the AWS platform.

Are you a Canadian-based organization looking to the cloud but concerned about your data residence?

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