“Will we save money moving to the cloud?”

Saving money should not be the driving force behind  moving to the cloud. It’s just one of many factors. While it’s true certain cost savings will be realized, the real benefit of the cloud is the overall value it provides compared to traditional IT solutions.  You can take advantage of the many scalable usage based resources and cost effectively eliminate many of the redundant tasks you find in traditional IT.  

Balancing costs and utility. That’s the TriNimbus sweet spot.

Within the AWS platform, there  are many different products and services combined to create your overall cloud infrastructure. Calculating costs, especially compared to simpler physical server setups, can quickly become complex. Add in a dynamic  organization, with changing needs,   the costs of an AWS solution can be a challenge to estimate.  Costs in the Cloud can also add up quickly and you want to ensure you have the appropriate controls in place to manage and report on your environments ongoing cost. That’s where a custom tailored approach from TriNimbus can really shine:

  • We understand it’s not always about building the least expensive cloud infrastructure, but finding the right balance between cost and performance for your specific needs
  • We carefully assess the present deployment, provide you with a clear demonstration of return on investment, and make recommendations on improvements in terms of availability, performance, security, business continuity, and many other requirements you organization is looking to the cloud to fulfill
  • We understand how to maximize savings on AWS. Cost optimization solutions can be as simple as turning on and off the “usage” tap, applying auto-scaling or using reserved instances. Even taking it to the next level with more of complex designs around automation and spot pricing

"TriNimbus helped us architect a solution on AWS that is secure, scalable and meets our growing needs. More importantly, they helped us optimize our cost and handle more data without spending a lot of money."

Dr. Mehrdad Fatourechi, CTO, BroadbandTV Corp

Case Study: Broadband TV

Read why one of the world’s largest YouTube entertainment networks with over 1.5 billion impressions per month, turned to TriNimbus to reduce their costs and improve performance.

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