“We’re stuck. When we grow everything breaks.”

Sound familiar? Perhaps your infrastructure has grown to a point where it now takes much more effort to manage it. You need to deploy your application code but it breaks 5 times before you can get it to run. It’s wasting valuable time and resources. Your dev/test environment is completely different from your staging to your production. Plus you need everything to be standardised so it’s simpler to test, develop and deploy. Or it just takes forever to make changes and you need to grow faster to keep up with demand.

Do you need more agility in your system and processes? Let TriNimbus show you how.

The cloud is infrastructure as code. That means you can instantly launch an entire environment including networking, instances and storage from scratch. Processes traditionally performed by groups of people can suddenly become highly automated. Using automation tools provided by AWS - along with Chef, Salt or Ansible and other CI/CD tools - TriNimbus helps architect your environment from the ground up, automating for consistency.

  • An automated environment is becoming essential if you’re running SaaS production systems on the cloud. We have extensive experience working with clients helping them automate the provision of the resources and applications deployment into production on AWS
  • We come from a software engineering background which means we understand the various components of your application and architecture. And how best to take advantage of the various AWS services and automation tools
  • We have dealt with many complex environments and can recommend and implement the best tools for the job, or extend the current tools in place to be more effective.

We needed an AWS partner who had the software engineering knowledge along with the ability to architect and deploy a wide range of analytics tools. TriNimbus understood the priorities and worked with our team to successfully launch it into production.

Hiep Vuong, VP, Technology Delivery at PointClickCare

Case Study: PointClickCare

Read why this leading cloud-based platform provider in the healthcare market turned to TriNimbus to help them with DevOps, security and HIPAA certification requirements.

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