Life at TriNimbus

Your curiosity got you here - that’s great! Now we’re about to give you a few reasons to stay (and possibly join us) - are you ready?

At TriNimbus, we think long term and believe in adding value to your career. We’re also demanding, expect great results and assume that you will take ownership for your work - does this sound terrifying? If you answered “yes”, then no hard feelings - let’s just be friends. If you thought “bring it” - you are well on your way to becoming a member of our cloud family! In return, we will empower and support you in learning the skills you need and provide you with experience you’re not likely to have elsewhere. To us that's adding value to the people we work with.

We define our culture by putting you on the MAP = MASTERY > AUTONOMY > PURPOSE


  • Become a Master - We believe in personal development and growth. Mastery is part of your journey, as being human is to learning
  • We feel learning new things brings a sense of hope and growth. We are all challenged by the sheer amount of information and rapidly evolving technology, this makes what we do even more exciting
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) is what we’re passionate about learning, along with all the tools, frameworks and applications that work within its innovative ecosystem
  • Working with TriNimbus means learning with TriNimbus. We invest in training our people and will be able to expose you to a field of technologies, complexity and technical challenges that will be difficult to get all in one place
  • We have experts in many fields to glean knowledge off.  Even better you might be an expert in something,  and we expect you to share your knowledge and ideas
  • Customers rely on our AWS expertise, we live up to that in every way


  • Some people like instructions and a handbook on how to perform their job. If that’s you, you won't be a good fit at TriNimbus 🙁
  • We believe in exposing you to as much as you can absorb, and throwing you in the deep end (with support) as that’s often the best way to learn
  • Autonomy is about making mistakes and learning, it's about having only 70% of the information but being able to perform the task. It's about reaching beyond the scope and seeing the bigger picture, thinking long term, challenging customers for their best option and taking appropriate risks
  • We demand high quality work, expect great results and assume people will take ownership for the work they're doing. It’s about empowering people to do their best work
  • Being exposed to large enterprise systems at every level, making decisions around that, is what it’s all about at TriNimbus


  • Our purpose is very simple - Long term customer success. We will go above and beyond and do whatever it takes to make our customers successful, for the long term
  • Whether it’s going deep into the application code base to help make their apps run better or simply adding a user in IAM, we will do what whatever it takes to deliver high quality work
  • We care deeply about understanding our customers challenges but also challenging their views and perspectives and introducing new ideas to help them. We enjoy solving their problems, helping them grow and teaching them how to do it themselves

Why we need you

At TriNimbus, we have big dreams and big projects, therefore, we need the BEST team (yes, you!) to achieve them. If you want to be a part of the team that drives successful results for our clients, we want to hear from you!

Click on our Careers page to see our current positions. Don’t see anything that matches your skills? Drop us a line at to get the conversation started about joining our ever growing team!

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