TriNimbus Ranks on the 2017 STARTUP 50

We're excited to share that Canadian Business and PROFIT today ranked TriNimbus Technologies Inc. No. 38 on the 2017 STARTUP 50 ranking of Canada’s Top New Growth Companies. Serving as a companion list to the longstanding PROFIT 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies and produced as a joint venture between Canada’s premier business and current affairs media brands, the STARTUP 50 ranks younger companies on two-year revenue growth. STARTUP 50 winners are profiled in the October issue of Maclean’s magazine and online at

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Meet Amazon’s Wonder Woman – Athena

I have always meant to experiment with Amazon Athena, similar to how I would explore different services in the AWS ecosystem for ways to enhance the plethora of workflows on which I work every day.  However, it is rare that my real-life exposure to a new service was under stress. Despite the risk of hyperbole, I would still say that Athena saved my day. Read the full post »

Three Groundbreaking Technologies That Are Changing Our Lives

Only three… what a time to be alive! If you’re in the technology business like me, you’re hopefully having a lot of fun. As a part of my job, I get to help entrepreneurs and technologists accomplish their dreams of building and releasing great technology into the world.

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Food for T(ech)hought

For most professionals, lunchtime is most likely a time to quickly grab a bite, nibble a sandwich or two while checking our phones and then heading right back to work. During this time, we will probably catch up on some latest news, personal messages, calls etc. Could we utilise this time, perhaps once a week, to enrich ourselves with an activity which will enhance our personal and professional growth? Read the full post »

Systems Under Threat – Why the Cloud is your Best Defense

I just got back from a government technology summit in Washington DC. It was hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leader in the Cloud technology space. I was speaking to someone from the CIA (who will remain anonymous) who was responsible for implementing the outcome of the deal between AWS and the CIA for $600M. The one where IBM attempted to sue the US Government for selecting AWS and lost. The public only knows about this because IBM decided to sue AWS.

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