Spring is a Time of Renewal – Tips to Refresh Your AWS Workloads

Spring is here again, at least technically.  I’m patiently waiting for the cherry blossoms to bloom again in Vancouver. It's a great start to having all the trees, grass and flowers restored to their vibrant state, making everything seem fresh again. Nature is really great at keeping cycles, and knowing how to keep things fresh.

Unfortunately, not all of us are as adept at following those long term cycles.  So in keeping with the spirit of getting rid of the old and starting off fresh, here are a few AWS refresh tips for you to consider adding to annual spring cleaning list. Read the full post »

The Ballad of AWS Storage Gateway

A few months ago I had an interesting chat with an old buddy of mine over a pint of lager at our neighbourhood pub. We of course started our conversation around families, kids, vacation plans…but, since we both shared a background, our conversation predictably turned to its usual path.

I was enthusiastically talking about the new services and features AWS revealed at the 2016 re:Invent conference when I realized Read the full post »

How I Fell in Love with AWS

February is the host to Valentine’s Day, a day where lots of companies have huge spikes in sales to help couples celebrate love.  While I can talk at great lengths about all the benefits Amazon Web Services (AWS) has to allow you to elastically respond to those holiday spikes in demand, this blog is focusing on a love story instead. Read the full post »

Planning Your Network for AWS Cloud Migration

A core component in your company’s move to the Amazon Web Services cloud is the design of Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) network resources. Although AWS provides a VPC network design wizard, issues such as IP address range selection, subnet creation, route table configuration and connectivity options must be carefully evaluated. Read the full post »

Using Run Command for Adhoc Operations

One of my favorite AWS Services that I don’t hear much discussion about over the last year is EC2 Run Command (part of the Amazon EC2 Systems Manager suite). This is a very versatile tool that has gotten incremental features added over the last year to make it a compelling solution to help manage virtual machines. Run Command provides a secure way to remotely execute tasks on EC2 Instances, and even machines located on-premise or running in other public clouds. Commands are quickly executed in parallel and have a fast response time. Results are returned to a central location for easy viewing.

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