Systems Under Threat – Why the Cloud is your Best Defense

I just got back from a government technology summit in Washington DC. It was hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leader in the Cloud technology space. I was speaking to someone from the CIA (who will remain anonymous) who was responsible for implementing the outcome of the deal between AWS and the CIA for $600M. The one where IBM attempted to sue the US Government for selecting AWS and lost. The public only knows about this because IBM decided to sue AWS.

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Customizing EC2 Systems Manager Run Commands

Previously I wrote a blog post about using Using Run Command for Adhoc Operations to showcase efficiently managing remote systems at scale. While the approach in that post is extremely flexible, it also has some challenges. The scripts had no restrictions on what could be executed, and had significant opportunities for incorrect syntax or typos in commands.

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A Recap of DevOps Days Toronto 2017

At TriNimbus we love DevOps so much, we even put it on a t-shirt! Fun fact: if you look up DevOps in Wikipedia, you can see what we mean (yes, that’s our Chief Cloud Officer wearing our special edition t-shirt!). TriNimbus was a Gold sponsor at DevOps Days 2017 and we wanted to share our experiences at the event through this post. While we spent most of our time at our booth, meeting attendees interested in understanding what TriNimbus is about, we also managed to sneak in to catch a session here and there. Read the full post »

Understanding Your Macro AWS Cost

Some Ideas on How to Quantify Your Ongoing AWS Cost in Your Business

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The Verdict is In… Vancouver ❤s AWS!

Hey Everyone, we have some super exciting news to share! At TriNimbus, we are BIG on learning and of course, we have never been shy of telling the world how we really feel about Amazon Web Services. We always knew this day would come since we first started our journey of sharing our knowledge and experiences about AWS. Ok, you’re probably thinking enough of this prelude already, right? I’ll get right to it then! Read the full post »