Secure Your Tenancy On AWS

Are you thinking about or just getting started AWS? Do you want to build the right secure foundation? We can help you.

Future proof your AWS foundation by engaging an AWS Premier partner who’s secured hundreds of AWS environments.

What is an AWS Tenancy?

Your Tenancy (or Landing Zone in AWS speak) is the foundation upon which your AWS Environments will be built. It’s your account set up; your security protocols;  IAM policies and roles; setting up your VPC(s). It’s also something that’s harder to fix down the road if you’ve set it up incorrectly.

TriNimbus has set up 100s of Landing Zones on AWS for our clients and migrated 1000s of workloads. We have deep knowledge of AWS systems and can help you navigate your first few steps onto their cloud. We use industry best practices to set up your AWS accounts, permissions and security as a foundation for migrating and deploying workloads.

When to call us:

Before Set Up

You haven’t started setting up your Landing Zone and are looking for a guidance upfront - call us. We can get your started on the right path to long term success in AWS. From opening your account to migrating your first workloads we’re here to help you through this early phase of your migration.

During Set up - Audit & Recommendations

Or perhaps you’ve started setting up your Landing Zone and you’re finding yourself overwhelmed - call us. We can do a quick audit, make recommendations, complete your set up and even look at migrating your first few workloads over to AWS. Get it right upfront, save yourself time and money down the road trying to fix it. Everything links back to this foundation so fixing it later is hard work.

New to AWS

We have a special offer for clients new to AWS. Please click on the contact us button below to get in touch with one a member of our team to access the offer.

What we include in your set up:

  • Setting up your AWS accounts
  • Creating your IAM policies (IAM = Identity and Account Management - users and permissions)
  • Creating IAM roles
  • Setting up IAM accounts
  • Creating any necessary VPC(s) (Network)
  • Establishing a VPN to your site, if required

Ready to get the right start to your AWS journey?

Contact us to learn about our Secure Landing Zone package.

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