Microsoft Workloads On AWS


TriNimbus, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner -  the first one in Canada - leverages their experience as an early AWS adopter, with an experienced background in IT and Operations to deliver reliable AWS based solutions for applications running on Microsoft Windows Server such as Sharepoint, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL server.

TriNimbus helps clients realize their goals for running custom applications built in .NET on AWS Lambda and AWS Elastic Beanstalk respectively.

With a proven track record of large scale Microsoft SQL to RDS (PAAS Microsoft SQL) SQL TriNimbus has helped clients meet durability and scalability requirements for their business critical applications and streamlined time-consuming database administration tasks. Amazon RDS hosted MS SQL removes the requirement of monitoring replication, managing transaction logs, and it simplifies database backup and restore stacks, as well as database cloning.

Using AWS’ native automation tool CloudFormation, TriNimbus has helped clients realize their goals for codifying/automating Windows server deployments including tedious tasks such as configuring security groups and joining a Windows server to an Active Directory domain.

TriNimbus has helped clients improve their security poster by integrating Role Based Access Control leveraging hosted AWS hosted Active Directory. As well as implementing IAM federation with the clients existing Active Directory Federation Services and Active Directory infrastructure.

If you’re looking to smoothly transition your Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, Customer .NET applications, SQL Server, and Sharepoint servers on to AWS or maintain your current AWS environment, chat with one of our Solutions Architects at 1.888.673.5873 or contact us today.



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