Our purpose

  • At TriNimbus, we are software engineers who love the cloud
  • We love what it represents for business, and the dramatic effect it has on saving resources, time and facilitating explosive growth for our customers
  • We fundamentally understand how applications are built, and what it takes to run and operate them successfully on the cloud
  • We challenge our customers to think differently about how to use the cloud and do whatever it takes to make them successful
  • We strongly believe that to be masters, you must fiercely focus on one thing.  We’ve chosen to work exclusively with Amazon Web Services (AWS) because their model of constant innovation, cost efficiency and customer obsession aligns with our strategy for success

Our work

  • On a self-service platform like AWS, with a complex set of powerful services, you need an experienced partner by your side
  • Whether already using AWS or migrating to AWS, customers lean on our experienced team to provide AWS migration, architecture and DevOps solutions
  • We take security very seriously and work with our clients to ensure that design and processes are in line with their requirements
  • We work with some of the largest AWS deployments - with mid-sized enterprises and public sector organizations - to increase availability, tighten security, optimize performance, reduce costs and take advantage of new AWS services

Our knowledge

  • Our team has unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience in AWS deployments, optimization and operations across multiple areas and industries
  • We have gained this expertise by working on complex environments, constantly learning and always absorbing the latest developments in AWS and its surrounding ecosystem
  • We’re also sharing this knowledge, building a community of AWS professionals, hosting AWS user group meetups and events
  • We are thankful that we can give back to this industry that has given us so much

We’re Proud of:

Our team:

  • We expect every technical engineer we hire to become a certified AWS engineer within 6 months. Our senior Solutions Architects obtain Professional level certification within 12 months
  • Everyone is contributing in building internal development kits that make us efficient and allow us to write robust implementation solutions for our clients
  • Automated infrastructure provisioning is not a choice but a must that anyone on our team uses in all of our work

Our process:

  • DevOps and Agile are not buzzwords for us but real tangible processes we improve regularly and share with our clients
  • We start with discovery, design and modelling to learn our customers’ processes, requirements and educate them on best practices. Then we move to implementing and automating their deployments
  • We run a proactive 24/7 support operation to ensure our clients are successful after implementation

Our relationship with AWS:

  • We are Premier Consulting Partners and work very closely with various AWS teams to get the most for our mutual customers.

Our numbers:

  • 5,000+ … is the number of hosts our customers are running in their AWS environments
  • $500,000+ … is the monthly cost for the AWS infrastructure we are working with
  • 15 million … is the number of users we kept active on a web service while doing a major MySQL live upgrade
  • 10 days … is the shortest time we took to go from dev to prod on a service that hit 20,000 application requests in the first minute
  • 1,011 … is the number of Chef cookbooks, Salt states, Ansible playbooks we have written for our customers

Why choose TriNimbus?

  • Expert Software Development Background
  • Deep & Extensive AWS Expertise
  • Experienced in Complex Automation Deployments
  • 24/7 Support Team & Monitoring Capabilities

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